• House of Fine Foods: Rebrand

    Your brand, our pride. This is the mantra at the heart of this food importer’s business rebrand.

    • The Brief
    • House of Fine Foods had a dated, corporate feeling brand with very little imagery or story to it. Yet the importers of international foods were reliant on a team of relationship builders to connect with FMCG. Their brand needed to be about the team at HFF – a team of passionate people who had a great track record for brand representation.Brandwell were commissioned to guide management through a strategic process and the distillation of their mission, purpose and brand DNA. We then bought this to life with a photoshoot of the team, a smart, vibrant identity and applied that to collateral and a new website. All storytelling and positioning copy were developed by Brandwell.

    Creative Team

    Diana Parry, Creative Strategist and Storyteller
    Georgie Sigglekow, Creative Director and Designer