• Vitality Works: Feel Super Campaign


    • The Brief

      Create an entertaining, engaging branded campaign to promote participation in the Fit24 program. Help clients get across the benefits clearly and quickly.

      The Strategy

      We wanted an engaging metaphor and story idea to promote the benefits. When you sleep more, eat less sugar and get some exercise, you feel better. Super!

      The Creative

      We honed in on the benefit: ‘Feel Super’ to create engaging, vibrant promotional collateral.


    The Results

    Increased interest in Fit24 and participation rates. Helped Vitality Works people simplify the way they talked about the benefits.

    • Team

      Diana Parry – Strategist/Storyteller
      Georgie Sigglekow – Creative Director/Designer
      Motion Graphic Production – Ben Alpers (Kommunicate) and Brad Brown (Zeppelin Bend)