• What the Fat?

    • The Book

      What does a FAT professor (he’s really quite lean), a Michelin trained Chef and a Wholefood Dietitian have in common? They want to flip the food pyramid and get people eating whole, real food.

      This book teaches you what you need to know to live the LCHF lifestyle; it covers the benefits you’ll reap and the reasons behind the stunning successes from eating and living the Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat way. It’s a blend of the science, success stories and delicious recipes developed by the founder of LOOP restaurant.

    • Our Input

      Brandwell helped with the strategic and creative theming for the book, a little bit of storytelling guidance, the cover concept and cover design (front and back). As a team passionate about health and wellness brands, we love seeing how well this book is doing now. Check it out at and on the shelves at Whitcoulls.

      Now also available: What the Fat for Sports Performance: Leaner, Fitter, Faster on Low Carb Healthy Fat (ebook).