• CHIP: Health Improvement Campaign

    • The Background

      CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) is one of the most successful and scientifically validated health programs in the world.

      Participants are seriously at high risk of chronic disease, are often obese and use this lifestyle based intervention to turn their life around.

      The Brief

      Rebrand and strengthen the brand story, language and segmented proposition for various target markets.

      Provide strong campaign platform and message and vibrant, aspirational design guidelines.

      The Creative:

      We developed storytelling around the question and campaign idea: What will it take to turn your health around?

      The statement was designed to confront those with seriously compromised health (largely through lifestyle choices) and inspire them to see how they could change things.

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    • The brand strategy allowed the client (The Lifestyle Medicine Institute of California) to target different market segments with a variable message about ‘turning things around’.Segments included the participant, the community facilitators, medical doctors and corporate organisations interested in stemming the spend on poor health of workers.
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    • Brandwell wrote and designed materials to help facilitators reach out to those in the community in need of the CHIP program to turn their health around.Other collateral was also bought into alignment with the new look brand platform and storytelling technique.
    • Client feedback:

      “Thank YOU for what you have done….it exceeded my expectations!”

      Stephan Herzog, Lifestyle Medicine Institute

      Creative Team:

      Diana Parry – Strategist/Storyteller
      Georgie Sigglekow – Creative Director/Designer

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