• House of Fine Foods: Rebrand

    Your brand, our pride. This is the mantra at the heart of this food importer’s business rebrand.

  • What the Fat?

    What the Fat? Fat's IN, Sugar is OUT. This unique book is science resource, gorgeous recipe book and how-to-guide in one...

  • Dog Zen

    Amazing Results Lovingly. This is how we storied Mark Vette's 40 years of Animal Behaviourist Achievements.

  • Diversity Works: Rebrand

    Helping Kiwis be better by Diversity. A multi-channel rebrand of the EEO Trust to Diversity Works.

  • Rosehip by essano

    Loved by Skin. Naturally. Find out how this NZ skincare brand is leap-frogging global big-brands to win hearts!

  • Flying Fox

    A brand created to embrace the idea of 'Adventures in Language Learning'. An identity for a Language School for kids.

  • F&P Healthcare, Infant Respiratory Care

    Nurturing Life is the DNA of F&P Healthcare's Infant Care team. It humanises the medical devices that save little lives.

  • CHIP: Health Improvement Campaign

    A vibrant storytelling platform for the: Complete Health Improvement Program. A clinically proven program to turn around chronic disease.

  • Vitality Works: Feel Super Campaign

    A light-hearted campaign (and online video) to promote a workplace wellness challenge that gets it’s participants to ‘Feel Super’!

  • Vitality Works: The Good Day Project

    Bounce Back.....Move Forward! This resilience program had us bouncing around on giant swiss-balls. Oh the things we do.

  • Vitality Works: Inca Race Campaign

    Step Up to the Adventure! Walk the Inca Trail virtually - a promo for the 10,000 Steps Program.