• Diversity Works: Rebrand

    Helping Kiwis be better by Diversity.

    A multi-channel rebrand of the EEO Trust to Diversity Works.

    • The Brief
    • The EEO Trust had a dated image and a name which no longer served their reason for being. Brandwell developed the strategy, positioning concept, naming, story and identity system to help reposition the organisation as the inspirational membership organisation that it is.

    • Brand Positioning

    The brand DNA: helping kiwis be better by diversity was bought to life through a visual language which featured a Diversity Works bespoke alphabet. The driving idea came from the notion of ‘diversity’ being a positive force in shaping organisational culture for the better. The primary orange of the EEO Trust was retained and built upon with a strong and vibrant palette.

    Creative Team

    Diana Parry, Creative Strategist and Storyteller
    Georgie Sigglekow, Creative Director and Designer