Diana Parry

Creative Strategist and StorytellerDiana (aka Di or Dee) is known for big ideas that have contributed in no small way to the success of many local and offshore brands over the years.

Diana (Dee) started life as a Marketing Manager who was continually rebranding the organisations she worked for (with great results).

It became evident, earlyish in her career, that she should make the leap from client-side to a creative services agency and hone her talent for brand development.

So she earned her stripes with her mentor and hero of the time; Brian Richards, Brand Strategists. After several years as a Senior Strategist at BRR, Diana left to start a family and has been working as a freelance Strategist and Storyteller since.

Today, Diana works principally in areas of healthcare, sustainability and wellness.

She has assembled a team of kindred creative talent in BrandWell and has a reputation as a clever strategist who’s creativity and business nous has fueled the upward trajectory of many brands in New Zealand and offshore.